9 Purr-sonalities of Cats Boarding at LACH

Tom knows cats and will provide a purrsonality and care report for your cat's boarding experience

Are you thinking of boarding your Cat or Kitten?

Tom is our resident Cat Whisperer and connects with our patients and boarders.  While your feline friend spends time at Lincoln Ave Cat Hospital boarding, Tom will  be attending to your cat making sure he’s comfortable and cared for.  It’s not unusual to get a report back after a visit that you’ll easily agree and say ” yeah, that’s my cat for sure.”  Whether your cat is boarding, getting groomed or here for health care, you can be sure that Tom will be checking up on your friend.

Here are some of our recent boarders and Tom’s evaluations. Meet Harley, Callie, Johnny Cash, Maxine,Smokey, Sofia and Charlie. See if you can match them up.

Toms cats 1 cats two toms 3 Charlie with border2toms 4

sweet, agressive, fun,


Can you tell who’s the really nice Guy? Whos the most agressive cat and yet known as smart AND fun?  Which cat is the least likely to follow directions?  One of our cats is known for his bipolar purrsonality. while another is shy and sweet.

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