The Basics of Cat Care

It’s a boy! Or is it a girl? Whether you planned on adopting or it happened by accident, you can make it great.  Did you choose the name yet? There are so many cute things and modern gadgets for cats but believe it or not a cardboard box brings great happiness too. Add your love and a little know how and you’ll live happily ever after.
Kittens in carrier

  • First thing you will need is a cat carrier.  We recommend hard plastic carrier with multiple entrance ways, especially on top, it’s much easier to lift your cat in and get him out. A cat carrier should allow enough space for your cat to stand and be able to turn around. This is an essential tool so think about getting a larger carrier to use as your cat grows.  We provide cardboard carriers too, but don’t recommend to use it twice or more.
  • Litter box and accessories. Most cats don’t worry about their litter box, but some can be really picky. A good litter box is large (so your cat can turn around) and easy to clean. If your cat loves to make Japanese rock gardens, choose  a high sided or covered box. If cleaning the litter box is your nightmare, try to choose self-cleaning or disposable litter boxes or helpful cat box liners.
  •  You need to find the right cat litter too. There are several varieties of cat litter: non-clumping, clumping, sand, clay, pellets, walnut shells, corn etc. We recommend plain unscented, low-dust, clumping litters, but your cat may not approve it. If you have large house it would be very good idea to have two litter boxes in different places. For multiple cats you will need a litter box for each and one more.
  • We recommend stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls  because some cats can have allergic reactions to plastic bowls. Don’t forget to refresh water bowls throughout the day especially if your cat loves dry food.
  • Scratching and stretching is a normal part of being cat. Consider buying a large and sturdy scratching post for your domestic cat with wild habits. There are mostly two types – cardboard and sisal, let your cat choose.
  • Make sure your Cat has an ID. We do provide microchipping, but it would be good idea for your cat to wear a collar and an ID tag. Choose a safety collar that made especially for cats.
  • What else? Cat toys any kind? Check! In this case trust your cat’s decision.
  • If there are not many high places in your house, you may think about cat furniture: it can be handmade cardboard fort or something like cat condo with sleep, play and scratch places.
  • Sleeping arrangements may vary per cat, maybe your cat will prefer soft plush pet bed (maybe heated one), but maybe she’ll chose to sleep in yours. Make sure it’s large enough and has washable covers.
  • Grooming tools and dental care items are always smart, remember, you can ask us any questions about it, we’ll be happy to help!
  • As with any of your children or pets, keep emergency numbers as well and contact details on the fridge for easy access. Make sure you know how to reach the clinic in case of an emergency, 24/7.

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