Cat Fur: Love it or Leave it

Cats are self loving. They like to keep themselves looking good by continuously licking their fur. Cat’s cover their fur with saliva and stimulate glands for secretions that help to keep their fur water-proofed. During this process, they also swallow hair and form hairballs.  Licking themselves also helps by  reducing anxiety and frustration.

But licking may not be enough. As a cat owner, it’s  your responsiblity to brush your cat to help remove matted and dirty hair. Keep an eye out for fleas, skin irritations, dandruff and excessive shedding.
Cat’s skin is very sensitive and one small nick from a pair of scissors can break it.

There is one simple solution to the all these problems – lion cut, made by professional. An example you can see on this picture of Maxie. Please remember, a cat’s coat is nature’s way of regulating body temperature, so in order to avoid future problems, use regular professional grooming and bathing services.

Haircuts styles we can help you with, just call us and make appointment:

  • The lion cut, consists of trimming or shaving the fur on cat’s body, but leaving it on head, neck, feet and cute tassel at the end of the tail. There are lot of funny or strange modification: full tail, V-shaped ruff, “jacket”, and even mohawk
  • Turning long hair cat into short hair is called the comb cut, similar to a lion cut but the fur is left longer
  • The belly shave mostly for cats with long matted hair on belly, also help with hygiene. Shaving include place between the cat’s rear legs, beneath the tail and around the anus
  • Sanitary trim is not actually a haircut, but real help for overweight or old cats, who can’t clean themselves. Trimming hair near the cat’s anus gets rid of feces or litter clumps.

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