New Cat

Free Kitten Exam

We’re Cat Friendly! If you’ve recently adopted a kitten we’d like to meet you both by offering a free kitten exam! Pet Ownership can be an exciting adventure and sometimes an expensive one. Along with adoption or purchase fees, you need to provide a safe environment, quality food and healthcare for your new furry friend. […]

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The Basics of Cat Care

It’s a boy! Or is it a girl? Whether you planned on adopting or it happened by accident, you can make it great.  Did you choose the name yet? There are so many cute things and modern gadgets for cats but believe it or not a cardboard box brings great happiness too. Add your love and a little know […]

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Questions To Ask Before Becoming A Cat Owner

You plan to add a new cat to your life? Or maybe you already have one and want to find him a best friend? By starting off on the right foot, think three steps ahead before a kitten or cat comes to your house and you become a cat owner for life. Ask yourself these questions before […]

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