An Easy and Safe Alternative to Declawing

Soft Paws for Cat Claws

Cats use their claws to climb, scratch, and defend themselves. If you’re cat has run of your house, they’ve most likely been climbing, stretching and scratching everywhere.  Are your couches, chairs and carpets torn and scratched up? Providing scratching posts and toys helps keep your cats busy. But some cats are continual scratchers causing more damage than others.

Simple Alternative to Declawing

Options now exist, that are less invasive, easy and fun and offers an alternative to  “Declawing”.   “Soft Paws” are new to the market, come in 3 different sizes and multiple colors. claw nail coversLike Women’s Nail Tips, Soft Paws are simple to use glue on nail covers that provide a smooth nail surface and fall off as your cat’s nails grow. Made of silicone and attached with a drop of non-toxic glue, they are not permanent and are inexpensive.  You can purchase Soft Paws online, attach them yourself or bring them in with your furry friend and we’ll be happy to give your cat a “manicure”.

cat claw covers


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