Free Kitten Exam

 free kitten exam at Lincoln Ave Cat Hospital

We’re Cat Friendly!

If you’ve recently adopted a kitten we’d like to meet you both by offering a free kitten exam! Pet Ownership can be an exciting adventure and sometimes an expensive one. Along with adoption or purchase fees, you need to provide a safe environment, quality food and healthcare for your new furry friend.  Annual costs can range from $1000 to $1200 annually, and in most cases your investment is needed upfront. We offer cat-friendly coupons on our website that can assist you in your caring for your kittens well-care expenses.

Preventative Care

Our Cat friendly hospital  is exclusive to felines and offers both preventative care services as well as sick visits. You’re invited to learn what we’re all about here at Lincoln Ave Cat Hospita. Meet our friendly-cat loving staff and have your new furry friend examined at no charge.   We can determine whether you fluff ball needs deworming or vaccinations; we’re here to manage your kitten’s immediate needs.

Extended Hours

We’ve also recently extended our hours and added services on Wednesdays so we can meet your various needs. Give us a call today to schedule your kitten exam or take advantage of our “cat only”  boarding services for an upcoming vacation.

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