Ask Sim Sim: Hospital House Cats

Dear Sim Sim:

I’m afraid  of being put into my carrier and going to the vet place. Do you really enjoy life living in a hospital?
“Toby”, Paramus, New Jersey

Dear Toby:
life at hospital
Actually, life is not bad at the Lincoln Avenue Cat Hospital. Nobody bothers me much with things around here. Occasionally, they try to brush me, but I let them know who’s boss there. Sure I have my daily routine. My job description includes daily tour of all the rooms, I monitor the quality of guest services (especially food) at our cat hotel, customer communications and comfort for the stuff. I am also the official Greeter of all humans and felines, so when you come in, I’ll be sure to say hello.

As you can see, I’m extremely busy. However, I still find time for those 22-23 hours of napping daily and there are many great places to choose from.

Humans give me lots of attention and I know, that I’m princess of this castle. So hospital life is much better than it’s believed to be.

Best regards,

Sim Sim,

Guest Editor
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