July 4th Fireworks Can Terrify Your Cat

Many pets exhibit signs of anxiety to loud noises like July 4th fireworks as well as thunder and lightning storms. Some dogs and cats scratch and whimper, some run uncontrollably and will want to bolt out of the house. It’s pretty much a panic attack and if you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll know that they are frightening to go through.

Some pets don’t experience noise aversion and may sleep through a storm or fireworks but for those that do, try to make them feel comfortable and safe by keeping things as normal as possible. Remember your pet’s hearing is much more sensitive than your own. Cats can hear ten times more acutely than human and can hear sounds as soft as a whisper that we’ll never hear. This explains why dogs and cats are so scared by the sound of fireworks that can be miles away.

July 4th fireworks

Help Your Pets During Noisy Times


  • Find out when fireworks in your local area are scheduled so you’re prepared for unusual behavior
  • Keep your Cat Inside
  • Increase the volume on TV or radio to mask outdoor events (but not too loud)
  • Cuddle your cat
  • If traveling, Crate your cat to keep them out of danger
  • Keep things as normal as possible


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