Questions To Ask Before Becoming A Cat Owner

You plan to add a new cat to your life? Or maybe you already have one and want to find him a best friend? By starting off on the right foot, think three steps ahead before a kitten or cat comes to your house and you become a cat owner for life.

Ask yourself these questions before becoming a cat owner

  1. Do my family members (including other pets) or roommates agree with my decision?
  2. Am I sure that no one in the house has an allergy to cat skin oils, saliva and danders? Is anyone intolerant of cat hair? Because it will be everywhere
    Unfortunately there is no such thing as a cat who is “non-allergenic”. It’s a very popular myth, but, sorry, it’s the myth.
  3. Scratching is a normal part of being feline, but this part can be really annoying for new cat parents. Do I have a plan how to cat-proof my house? Declawing is not the solution!
  4. Am I ready for  my social life and work duties to be affected? Although Cats are somewhat independent, like any pet, they need to spend some time with their humans. And how about vacations plans? (Fortunately, Lincoln Avenue Cat Hospital can give you an answer for the this one, because we provide cat-only boarding)!
    There are many pet health insurance plans on the market that will help pay the bills. Ask us for the best one for you and your cat.
  5. Last, but not least, ask yourself: can I afford a cat? The cat will need  veterinary care (including regular check-up visits, vaccinations, teeth cleaning  and  there can always be unexpected health issues), food and toys.

If you answer “Yes” for all these questions – congratulations! You are ready to become a cat owner! You will have new friend for life and we looking forward to be your guide for a happy healthy life together!

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